Ah, the New Year’s celebration. Loud music and joyous festivities await. However, in the midst of those pleasantries are a couple of hazards that are just waiting to ruin the evening. These can be fire hazards or security risks, all of which include firecrackers, drunken revelry, general accidents, and criminal opportunists can seriously jeopardize everything.

New Year’s parties go on from dusk ‘till dawn. Don’t let it turn into an unforgettable disaster.

  1. Drink, but keep your senses alert.
  2. No firearms. Period.
  3. Plan out your pet(s)’ New Year’s night. With all the fireworks and loud noises outside, their stress levels might arise out of fear and confusion. The same goes with toddlers, kids, and ailing elderly. If they are sensitive to loud noises, figure out how to best handle the situation before New Year’s Eve approaches.
  4. Shut the windows tight if you don’t want any of the smoke from the fireworks to find its way into your home.
  5. Inspect everything that can be a possible fire hazard. This includes electricals, misplaced flammables, and your fireworks (if you are planning to use it). It can get chaotic during New Year’s Eve.
  6. During the party, randomly check around to see if there are any unfamiliar faces. They might be party crashers or opportunists lying in wait to steal from you, your home or your unsuspecting guests.

It’s the best month of the year and the grandest night is almost upon us. Just keep your wits about you but don’t forget to have fun as well!

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