The COVID-19 crisis has caused severe damage to the economy of the Philippines. The virus’s contagious nature has led numerous businesses to reassess their priorities and work protocols. This goes double for the construction industry, as team coordination and physical labor is especially required for large-scale projects.

In the past few months, the government has released several guides to the public to promote social distancing and workplace safety measures. Among those is the Construction Guidelines for Project Implementation during the period of Public Health Emergency. The guide was drafted by a collective team known as the Technical Working Group, formed by the Philippine Domestic Construction Board. It aims to serve as a  safety manual for on working in construction sites amid pandemic circumstances. 

The guide includes the following topics:

  • Materials    

    • Handling deliveries

  • Manpower 

    • Awareness & communication 

    • Clearing to return to work 

    • Monitoring 

    • Proper work attire 

    • Social distancing 

    • Site operation

  • Machinery

  • Money

    • Risk Assessment

  • Monitoring

You can view the entire document through this link.  If you wish to download it, simply right click on the link and select “save link as”. 

The new normal is restrictive, but enacting effective safety measures for the worksite is for everyone’s sake. Stay safe and stay prepared, especially with recent reports stating a rise in infections in the Philippines. Never undervalue the health of your workers, and never underestimate the contagiousness of the virus. 

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