Though we’ve recently released safety precaution posters for the fight against COVID-19, we thought you might like a little more variety.

We’ve collected a few more poster collection sources from the web that aims to further remind everyone about staying safe amid pandemic circumstances.

Some have eye-catching designs, while others focus on being more informative. Take your pick!


Pinoy Builders

Includes: Posters

Notes: 97% Black and White

Get it here


World Health Organization

Includes: Mini-posters (Infographic)

Notes: N/A

Get it here


Department of Health (Philippines)

Includes: Mini-posters (Infographics)

Notes: Informative, and includes fact-checking variations

Get it here


Includes: Posters and Flyers

Notes: Comes in different sizes

Get it here


Includes: Posters (+ resized versions for social media sharing)

Notes: Unique designs, fits well with thematic venues

Get it here



Includes: Posters

Notes: Downloads are in PSD Format for Photoshop editing and resizing

Get it here



Remember to keep yourself safe and to keep everyone around you informed. The only way we can flatten this curve is if we all work together to remind everyone what we must do to stop the pandemic threat. 

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