Promote social distancing and work sanitation by putting up these reminder posters at the construction site!



Image Size – 722kb – 891kb

Image Dimensions – 5400 x 7200, res of 300 DPI

Poster Size – 18 x 24 inches


How to Download:

Direct Link

Right Click Method

1. Right click on the poster you want.

2. Click “Open Image on New Tab”, then delete the ?width=### part of the URL at the address bar.

3. Afterwards, click on the URL again and press enter.

4. Right click, and then save.


Three Feet Apart Po!

6 feet apartv2.jpg

Six Feet Apart Po!


Suotin Lagi ang Facemask Habang Nagtatrabaho.

Wash your handsv2.jpg

Laging Maghugas ng Kamay!


Umiwas sa Physical Contact

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