Different types of steel bars used in construction./ Various types of reinforcement bars.

Different types of steel bars used in construction

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The different types of steel bars that are used in the construction  field are

1. MS bars:

 Mild steel bars.



MS bars are plain low carbon steel bars made of Fe-250 grade. These bars are weak in bond strength when compared to the ribbed bars and hence their usage is limited in construction works.

2. HYSD bars: 

   High yielding strength deformed bars.



HYSD bars are ribbed steel bars having higher tensile strength when compared to mild steel bars. They are available in grades like Fe-415& Fe-500. 

These bars are manufactured by the heat treatment process. During the post-heat treatment process, they are either heat-rolled or cold twisted (CTD ) before molding them in a required shape.
 HYSD bars have better weldability, flexibility, and higher corrosion resistance properties when compared to MS bars.

3. TMT bars:

Thermomechanically treated bars.


TMT bars have tempered outer surface and soft inner cores made of ferrite & pearlite. the combination of these two properties provides them with higher tensile strength & excellent flexibility. TMT bars are superior to HYSD bars in all the quality standards and are the preferred choice in all types of construction works.

4. CRS bars:

  Corrosion-resistant steel bars.

As the name suggests, these are the TMT bars having higher corrosion resistance properties. A small percentage of chromium, copper, and phosphorous is added to acquire higher anti-corrosion characters.

So, these type of bars is an ideal choice in building dams, bridges, and construction works that are near coastal areas.

5. TMX bars:

Thermax steel bars.   

   These bars are manufactured using German “Thermax” technology. TMX bars are superior in all the features like weldability, ductility, tensile strength, etc. when compared to the TMT bars. These bars have very high thermal resistance properties, especially during fire hazards. So, due to their superior quality, these bars meet the quality standards worldwide.

6. HSLA bars:

High strength low alloy steel bars.

HSLA bars are also named micro-alloy steel bars. Elements like nickel, tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, silicon, etc. are added in a minute percentage to increase the strength and hardness of carbon steel.

The different grades of  HSLA bars are used in specific construction works like in building oil and gas industry, storage tanks, chemical industry, etc.

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