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DPWH Urges Private Sector To Invest In Gov’t Projects

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The Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) called for the local private sector to invest in the local infrastructure and other government projects to boost the economy. 


During the Philippine Economic Briefing held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on Monday, DPWH Secretary Manuel Bonoan expressed his confidence in the power of the private sector when it comes to providing assistance in the fulfillment of government projects. 


“I firmly believe to be able to implement efficiently the projects of the government, we also encourage the participation of the private sector,” said Bonoan during the briefing session. 

Numerous government projects are up for grabs for private organizations to bid on. Many of these projects require significant financial investments, such as those included in the High Standard Highway (HSH) development master plan, which focuses on the construction of highways and expressways in the country. 


“There’s a lot of room for private sector to avail the implementation of these programs,” he said. “The expressway system or network in the Philippines right now is just about over 500 km., mostly in Luzon for now, around Metro Manila. Now, under this master plan, the plan is to implement another more than 350 km. expressways not only in Luzon but in other parts of the country.” he added.


The HSH development master plan includes around 1,800 km of high-standard road networks. According to Bonoan, these government projects are developed to enhance mobility around the country, improve the logistics for local businesses, and reduce the common issue of traffic congestion all over the country. 


“This is where the private sector will come in and help us in the implementation of these programs either through participation on what you call solicited proposals projects that they have identified or the unsolicited proposals, the private sector can commit,” he said.


The High Standard Highway (HSH) Masterplan

The HSH masterplan was handed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to the Philippine government in 2021. The plan involves projects within the 200-km radius of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao. 


In this masterplan, JICA’s development assistance also covered the pre-feasibility study of 4 road and bridge projects namely:


  • Agusan Del Norte – Butuan City Logistical Highway in Region 13
  • Cebu Circumferential Road in Region 7
  • Central Mindanao Highway, Cagayan de Oro-Malaybalay Section in Region 10
  • 2nd San Juanico Bridge in Region 8.


The original HSH proposed in 2021 includes the construction and development of 4,400 km of HSH Class-1 consisting of 406 km of highways that already exist, 265 km under construction, and 3,279 km of new highways to be implemented along major transport corridors all over the country. HSH Class-2 involves the construction of 4,600 km of road works that will provide connection to sub-regional centers, important ports, and airports that are not included in the HSH Class-1. 


Bonoan encourages the private sector not only to bid on public-private partnership projects, but also to be involved in providing technical services, consultancy services, and other forms of assistance that can assist the government’s development projects. 



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