Fire Safety Tips at the Construction Site

Fire Safety Tips at the Construction Site

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Of all the hazards in the construction site, fire is one that comes in many forms. With this in mind, workers must know how to properly handle all kinds of flammable materials. Even small renovation jobs are not exempt to this as a simple faulty electrical wire can create a dangerous flame.

This fire prevention month, take time to check out your work site to see if there are a couple of red flags that you have missed.

Install a fire protection system

What do you get when you have a work site with no fire protection system? A disaster in the making. No matter what the project is, always be on the safe side and have fire extinguishers ready. You can also invest in various equipment to protect your people and your work.


Ever wonder if your building’s sprinkler system still works?

Be wary of concentrated heat

With the tropical climate of the Philippines, machines tend to overheat fast, especially when combined with dozens of construction machinery in use. If you are all working in a single area, always keep the temperature in mind. All electrical and battery-operated equipment can burst into flames if abused.


Wag mo na rin isama ang init ng ulo.

Take note of flammables and combustible material

Sawdust is extremely flammable, making it the biggest culprit behind construction site fires. However, it is not alone when it comes to flammable dangers found in work sites. Trash, oil, and electronics among others are all items that should be kept at bay unless needed for a good reason. 

Other things to look out for:

  • Metallic magnesium
  • Corrosive materials
  • Matches and cigarettes
  • Cooking appliances in close proximity to the workplace
  • Electronics with visible burn marks.
  • Loose power outlets

Encourage proper work ethics

Poor work ethics can lead to mishaps. If the site is in disarray from start to finish, then workers are either careless, inexperienced, or in a rush to finish the job. While there are people who are used to working in messy places, construction work is serious business. An unorganized work site is a serious hazard to everyone involved in the project.

Plan ahead

In the event that a fire does break out, does your team have an escape plan? Much like the aforementioned fire control devices, a construction site should always have a fire exit and escape route should a disaster occur. Plan ahead, teach your people about fire safety, and ensure that your people are taking fire prevention methods to heart.

It’s no secret that a construction site is one of the most perilous places to work in, given its nature. Danger is far too common in this line of work wherein a single error can lead to a loss of life and a setback in a construction’s progress. But with proper information and precautions, fire hazards can be easily mitigated to ensure worker’s safety and success in the project’s outcome.

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