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Get Ready to ClickIt: Your Go-To Online Marketplace for All Construction Needs

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Navigating the complexities of sourcing materials efficiently is one of the most significant challenges in the construction industry today. The process can be daunting—with many suppliers, inconsistent quality, and fluctuating prices. It can be confusing where to buy them and if you will get the quality materials your project deserves. 


As construction professionals, we are all too aware that buying materials can be just as frustrating as looking for a trustworthy vendor. 


Enter, ClickIt! 



ClickIt is a mobile-first, end-to-end e-commerce solution designed specifically for the construction sector. ClickIt simplifies the procurement process, making it easier for contractors, architects, DIY builders, and homeowners to have access to various construction materials anytime, anywhere—all in one place!


Get Ready to ClickIt: Your Go-To Online Marketplace for All Your Construction Needs

Many problems slow down construction projects. These include difficulty in buying supplies, late payments, and trouble with keeping track of everything. These issues cost everyone involved more time and money—to make things worse, it causes projects to take longer than the estimated schedule.


ClickIt is a new solution that aims to fix these problems. Time and quality are everything in the construction industry, and ClickIt makes the process of buying building materials faster and easier. ClickIt uses technology to make things clearer, more efficient, and easier to find. This frees up contractors, architects and suppliers to spend more time working on the project itself, instead of dealing with paperwork and annoying miscommunications. 


ClickIt: Key Features and Benefits of Your Online Go-To Marketplace App

Variety of Construction Materials

ClickIt provides a user-friendly platform for seamless ordering, secure payments, and efficient project management. Currently, they offer cement and dry mortar products, but soon, users will be able to purchase other construction materials in the app from hand tools, power tools, plumbing fixtures, electrical supplies, and more.

Automated Ordering and Payment

ClickIt offers a fully automated process for ordering and paying for construction items. Users can choose from multiple payment methods including credit cards, online bank transfers, and e-wallets, ensuring flexibility and convenience. With their trusted payment gateway partner, Paymongo, payment methods can potentially expand continuously to other options, banks, or emerging fintech solutions.


Guaranteed Deliveries Anywhere

With ClickIt, deliveries are guaranteed to multiple job sites, ensuring that projects stay on track without delays caused by logistical issues.


Promotes Efficient Project Management

The ClickIt app enables users to manage project stakeholders efficiently. It helps project managers facilitate clear communication and coordination throughout the project lifecycle. Using the user management feature, Clickit users will be able to grant access to their own project stakeholders and control what type of access they can do.


How to Use ClickIt: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download the Application

It’s as easy as downloading any application.You can find the Clickit application available publicly in the App Store and Google Play Store or use the links below.


App Store:

Google Play:


2. Sign-up to Create Your Account

After downloading, just tap on the “Sign-up” button below in the login screen, you will be able to go through the registration process. Complete the form and upload the supporting documents, and finally submit it. Your application will be sent to the on-boarding team.


(Processing of an account will take place within 24 hours to ensure that all information is correct, and the account is properly prepared.)


You will get an email notification when your account is available and the on-boarding team will reach out to you to confirm creation of your account.


3. Log-In, Order, and Check-Out

Log in to your account using your credentials (mobile number or email address). To order or add an item to the cart, click on the “+” sign on your home page, select a product, and then input the specifics of your order. Click “View Cart” to proceed to check out. You may use discount vouchers assigned to you if they are available, or input discount codes (if you know of any, better watch-out for those in their events or content) in the order summary page. Resources are available on their site such as tutorial videos.


Revolutionize Your Construction Projects With ClickIt!

Try ClickIt to simplify construction procurement! ClickIt is a modern solution that helps construction professionals save time and effort. With ClickIt, you can easily order supplies online. This eliminates the hassle of traditional procurement methods and keeps your projects on track. 


ClickIt is designed for construction of all sizes, from small renovations to large developments. 

Ready to streamline your construction procurement process? Download the app today and experience the ease of online shopping for your construction needs. Whether you’re in need of construction tools, electrical supplies, or plumbing fixtures, ClickIt ensures that what you need is just a click away!


Check out ClickIt to learn more about your newest online go-to marketplace.

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