Work in the construction site means dealing with a lot of people, construction materials, and equipment. Tools, vehicles, and even fragile materials are just some of the things at risk of being contaminated with COVID-19. As the virus can transmit itself in many ways, through physical contact with an infected person or item, construction companies and businesses must implement strict and preventive measures.

Transmissions can be deterred by practicing proper hygiene and social distancing, the latter being the hardest thing to maintain in jobs that require teamwork. However, everyone must adjust to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. 

An example of this situation is managing concrete. There are reported health risks associated with handling this material. Taking this into consideration, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) recently released a set of guidelines for working with concrete amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains how people can work with strict adherence to social distancing methods.

Read all about it by clicking this link.

An important detail highlighted in the document indicated that workers, susceptible to illnesses, are encouraged to put their well beings first above all else. They must focus on following safety precautions by minimizing their exposure to large groups and even concrete dust. If possible, limit the entry of people to worksites through strict work shifts and instil work-from-home arrangements. 

Truly, there are numerous opportunities in working for the construction industry. And while it faces many obstacles such as a hazardous work environment and the threat of COVID-19, leaders of the industry find ways to address those concerns, protect their people, and support their businesses and the economy. 

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