Poorly protected concrete walls and foundations are vulnerable to cracking as steel rebars corrode and expand in the presence of water. Water seepage can leave defects in freshly painted walls as well. These, if left unattended, can seriously harm a building.


With 70% of homeowners and contractors identifying water protection as an important project factor, Holcim Philippines, Inc. rose to the challenge with the development of Holcim Aqua X, the first ever water repellent cement. Holcim Aqua x is made to guard against water damage and deterioration in constructions like homes to help protect structures from excessive moisture.

Prevent water damage in structures with Holcim Aqua X’s Active Water Repellent Boosters! Compared to current procedures, such as applying a repellent to walls or including a water-proofing component in the concrete mix, these make it easier to construct water-resistant structures.


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What makes Holcim Aqua X the preferred general purpose cement?

  • Holcim Aqua X complies with PNS/ASTM Specifications for blended cement intended for masonry and general concreting applications

  • Made with Active Water Repellent Boosters to make the mortar and concrete water repellent, preventing water seepage that may cause damage

  • No need to add water repellent additive on site, eliminating errors in dosage and mixing

  • With better protection against water damage, mortar and concrete made using Holcim Aqua X are more durable and will last longer.



What are the benefits of using Holcim Aqua X?

  •  Protect structures from damage brought about by moisture (seepage & leakage)

  • Fewer repairs/rework

  • Long-lasting structure and can withstand wet weather

  • No need to buy a separate admixture/compound

Build better infrastructures with Holcim Solido – designed to be the next generation of cement.


Holcim Aqua X is best used for:

Aside from highlighting Holcim Philippines’ innovative capabilities, Holcim Aqua X also backs the company’s commitment to operating in an environmentally friendly manner. It is available all throughout Mindanao, and soon in Luzon.

For inquiries and more information about the product, contact Holcim Philippines, Inc. at customercare-phl@lafargeholcim.com.


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