Relationships are all about trust. Without it, confidence for one another goes down, priorities shift, and nothing but resentment at the end of it all. Every professional knows the importance of keeping good connections. It’s necessary to build good relationships with clients and partners to stay ahead, even in the construction industry.

Construction materials are essential in the construction business. Developers, contractors, and many more professionals in the industry rely on suppliers for their building needs. Getting them at a reasonable price and quality, however, may depend on three factors. Establishing a good working relationship relies greatly on communication, consideration, and financial punctuality. Knowing what makes them important is the first step to building a stable rapport.

Start with a firm handshake and continue on with a high-five and many years of friendship. 


Communication is the best way to build up trust with a supplier over time. This does not mean maintaining good courtesy over the phone only. It is to understand each other’s situation, especially on roadblocks along the way. This reduces risks, encourages transparency, and improves efficiency on both sides. By making sure you both understand each other, leads and business opportunities would easily present itself.


Be Considerate

Set realistic expectations and understand the supplier’s strengths and weaknesses. Avoid overestimating their capabilities, especially for large and demanding jobs. It is important to make sure they are up for the task rather than putting them on the spot without prior warning. If there is a change in strategies, let them know ahead of time.    


Be Punctual with Payments

The best way to stay on anyone’s good side is to keep one’s word on matters concerning payments. Keep them informed on payment procedures. Questionable low balling can save you a few thousand pesos for one job, but a decent relationship with a supplier can net you a decade’s worth of goodwill and benefits.


Creating and maintaining meaningful business relationships is a reward in itself. It can be a gateway to welcome conveniences and opportunities in the future. Though keep in mind that while some might goad you into signing an exclusivity deal, the construction work is the main priority. Best to have another trusted supplier to back you up in case something unexpected comes up.

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