Magkano Nga Ba Ang Salary Ng Construction Professionals sa South Korea? - Pinoy Builders

Magkano Nga Ba Ang Salary Ng Construction Professionals sa South Korea?

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It’s common to associate South Korea with cutting-edge technology and innovation that is at the forefront of the global stage. Upon first glance, it is already apparent how their construction industry has seemingly perfected the technique that perfectly blends traditional designs with modern advancements– creating innovative designs that attract many individuals, including Filipinos, to eagerly tap into the financial and educational opportunities offered by the country’s thriving world of construction. Construction professionals from the Philippines are aspiring to immerse themselves and seek a flourishing career in South Korea’s construction industry.


Apart from remarkable progress in various sectors, South Korea’s construction industry and growing economy are attracting many hopeful Filipino construction professionals. Renowned for its architectural brilliance and unwavering commitment to innovation, South Korea stands as an attractive destination for those who seek to be a part of a dedicated workforce that creates and develops some of the world’s most remarkable infrastructure developments. For those who are wondering just how rewarding working in South Korea’s construction industry is, below is a list of the average salary of various construction professionals in the South Korean construction industry as of December 2023, based on data published by the Economic Research Institute.


Average Salary Of Construction Workers In South Korea

ProfessionAverage Salary Per Hour Average Salary Per Year
Architects ₩ 36,058₩ 74,999,748
Civil Engineer₩ 36,770₩ 76,482,633
Mechanical Engineer₩ 36,180 ₩ 75,254,090
Geodetic Engineer₩ 27,356₩ 56,899,777
Electrical Engineer₩ 39,716₩ 82,609,378
General/Maintenance Carpenter₩ 21,628₩ 44,986,641
Brick Mason₩ 21,575₩ 44,876,828
Plumber₩ 22,350₩ 46,487,415

Source: ERI Economic Research Institute


South Korea and the Philippine Construction Industry 

Opportunities for hopeful Filipino construction professionals from South Korea are not limited to SoKor ground. Just last October 2023, DPWH announced that it plans to partner up with various South Korean companies and construction firms to develop the local infrastructure. According to DPWH Senior Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain during a forum with South Korean representatives, it is expected that multiple collaborations between the Republic of Korea and the Philippines will continue to be proposed and accomplished in line with the infrastructure development plan of the current administration with President Ferdinant Marcos Jr. Still, many Filipinos who want to build a career in the construction industry see South Korea as a great spot to start their journey. 


A Bright Future For Filipino Construction Professionals In South Korea

Image from Philippine Star

Filipino workers are highly sought after by numerous companies in various countries and the same situation can be observed in South Korea. Filipinos are valued for their exceptional work ethic, technical proficiency, and adaptable nature. Despite the growth within the local construction industry, many Filipino construction professionals are still choosing to acquire hands-on experience within South Korea’s construction industry due to its abundant career prospects and technologically advanced construction sectors. By obtaining the right qualifications, Filipino construction professionals can create a promising path in South Korea’s remarkable construction landscape.



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