Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with a little bit of imagination and the right materials, anyone can turn a piece of gray slab into a gorgeous but functional work of art. That is what decorative concrete and mortar finishing solutions are all about— creating subtle elegance that can make any structure or project stand out from the rest.

Back in November 2020, we held our Concrete and Mortar Finishing Solutions webinar which covered decorative concrete and mortar finishing products. If you want to learn more about construction and concreting solutions, subscribe to our newsletter and our Youtube page!


02:17 – Decorative Concrete – Applications and Trends

04:29 – Concept of concrete as a decorative material

05:35 – History of decorative concrete

08:48 – Identifying trends in the industry and mainstream media

10:55 – Decorative Concrete Systems

  • 11:25 – Stamped Concrete

  • 15:20 – Exposed Concrete

  • 21:10 – Polished Concrete

  • 23:09 – Patina Stain

  • 25:08 – Vertical Imprint

  • 26:17 – Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

27:50 – Bomanite training and work methods

29:43 – Decorative Concrete Asia Group – Join to learn about the work!

31:49 – Q&A


42:18 – Mortar Finishing

42:38 – How all-in-one mortars work

43:05 – Introduction to and manual production of mortar

44:33 – Sand is a major constituent of mortar mix

48:44 – Production of mortar extended explanation

50:23 – Multifix method

52:52 – Where to use multifix – 

55:45 – Skimcoat method for finishing

56:05 – Traditional way of finishing

57:34 – How skimcoat works

1:04:18 – Tile Adhesive introduction

1:04:45 – Why tiles delaminate

1:05:13 – How tile adhesive works

1:11:38 – Q&A


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