Waste has long been a problem that has affected the world around us. Industries have sought ways to utilize eco-friendly solutions for their businesses, many of which are sustainable in design and beneficial to the world in more ways than one.

In this webinar, Geocycle Philippines and Human Nature Philippines address the issues at hand. Learn from the experts as they talk about how proper waste management is saving the country and what we can do to adopt eco-friendly practices in our everyday lives.


04:32 – Understanding Solid Waste Management 

05:58 – How is waste defined?

06:29 – State of solid waste management in the Philippines

08:34 – Where does waste end up in?

08:50 – How should waste be managed?

09:16 – Classification of waste

10:24 – RA 9003 Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000

12:36 – Segregation at the source

14:00 – Types of waste and technology for diversion

14:58 – Different types of solid wastes from household and offices

18:27 – Metals recycling

19:08 – Food waste

21:33 – How Geocycle works

22:17 – Cement Kiln processing technology

23:21 – Co-processing compared to incineration and landfilling

25:22 – Co-processing for residual waste

28:08 – Key messages – How Filipinos can help address challenges in solid waste management

33:36 – Q&A Session


43:38 – Brave Bold Moves – Deliberate Daily Choices

47:15 – History of plastic

48:30 – Plastic pollution in the Philippines

50:10 – The inevitable growth of plastic pollution

52:17 – Private Sector Initiatives to curb plastic waste

55:04 – Human Nature and Geocycle initiatives 

57:51 – Human Nature survey

1:01:39 – Why we can’t refill shampoo bottles yet

1:04:29 – Goals of homecare industries

1:13:44 – Q&A Session

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