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Rainy Season Tips: How to Speed Up Construction During Rainy Season

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  • The rainy season can cause delays in construction projects as it might not only damage to what they have already laid down but also might pose safety hazards. However, there are some projects you  just cannot delay – especially on a strict deadline to follow.

    While it’s never recommended to work during the rainy season, especially if you’re around concrete, scaffolding, and mechanical equipment, there are a couple of tips that you can practice so you can safely speed up construction projects during the rainy season.

    Here are a couple of ways that you can safely speed up construction during the rainy season.

    How to Speed Up Construction During the Rainy Season

    During the rainy season, it’s essential to work fast and efficiently to prevent delays and accidents that might cause the construction project to slow down. Here are a couple of tips to practice safely speeding up construction during the rainy season.

    Plan Ahead 

    For managers, it’s important to know if you’ll be starting or be in the middle of a project during the rainy season. You will need to keep a close eye on the weather forecasts. The weather can be tricky in the Philippines, so you will need to be ready for any changes. Plan, so everyone knows what to do in case of sudden changes in the weather. Further, this also allows the project to flow smoothly and won’t cause any delays because of the preparation. 

    Proactive and Protective Measures

    Using project planning software can help plan around bad weather and devise strategies for a workaround. Invest in project management software that has a construction weather forecasting service that’ll help you plan. In terms of safety measures, consider placing protective sheeting around scaffoldings and polythene sheets over construction materials to prevent damage and accidents. 

    Invest in Backup Power

    Having a power outage will delay the construction project immensely and while these only usually last a couple of hours in the Philippines, it’s still better to invest in high-power generators so projects don’t face delays because of power failure during the rainy season. 

    Staff Training and Experience

    For important projects, it’s best to hire laborers and supervisors who have adequate training and experience in the field to not cause any delays. If employees lack training and experience, it adds to the risk of errors and will significantly delay progress. Supervisors also need to be trained to make time management better – especially during the rainy season when there will be long periods of rain that you will need to create a workaround for.

    Communication is Key

    In most situations, communication always helps to ensure tasks are delegated and completed in a timely manner. It’s important for supervisors to communicate necessary information to workers so they can work better and faster – especially when they have to work under a specific timeframe. Effective communication and collaboration between the management and the workers will cause faster and more efficient production.

    Why Is it Necessary to Speed up Construction?

    Arguably, the most important reason for speeding up construction is the cost. Delays might cause cost overruns, which might have the client spend more than allotted. Another reason to speed up construction is the set deadlines for it as some clients or companies will need a structure to be up and running by a certain time – take condominiums for example, since most of their units are pre-sold, tenants expect to move in by a certain time and construction delays might cause that developer to lose tenants. 

    Speed in construction is extremely important to not cause any problems on the side of the client and the contractor. It also helps to keep a better relationship between the two and ensure more projects to come. 

    While working efficiently is important, safety is also essential to ensure the success of construction projects during the rainy season. Construction managers and laborers must know safety precautions so that they can work better and be safer in the rainy season.


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