₱821B Na Proposed Budget Ng DPWH: Paano Ito Gagastusin? - Pinoy Builders

₱821B Na Proposed Budget Ng DPWH: Paano Ito Gagastusin?

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The Department of Public Works and Highways, or DPWH, has released a proposed 2024 budget for the upcoming fiscal year. DPWH is the country’s sole “engineering and construction arm” responsible for overseeing and implementing official government mandates meant for the development of the technological and engineering sector of the Philippines. DPWH’s yearly budget has a significant impact on the improvement of the country’s infrastructure. However, with the recent issue surrounding the doubled and alien projects included in DPWH’s proposed 2024 budget, many have now raised concerns about just how the proposed ₱821.1B budget is going to be spent.

DPWH is the country’s sole agency responsible for constructing and maintaining public infrastructure in line with national development objectives. Much like all the executive departments of the country assembled to oversee specific policies and administration, DPWH’s annual budget allocation is vital in preparing for the development efforts of the country in the following year. With the decrease in DPWH’s 2024 proposed budget, it is crucial to be informed about the inclusions of the development plans of the department. In this article, we will discuss the presented development goals included in DPWH’s proposed 2024 budget to shed light on the government’s objectives for the upcoming year.


DPWH’s ₱821.1 B Development Goals

Image from CNN Philippines

The current administration has proposed numerous development projects under the Build, Better, More program. The infrastructure projects included in the program are meant to improve the flood management, transportation, and profitability of the country to further improve the economy in the long run. For 2024, DPWH’s proposed budget allocation reached  ₱821.1 B with an estimated ₱4.4 B attributed to double projects, according to a lawmaker who raised the issue during a committee meeting with DPWH Secretary Manuel Bonoan and Atty. Edcel Lagman last September 7. 

DPWH Secretary Bonoan stated that the intention of the meeting is to coordinate with the congress and legislators before the approval of the budget. Bonoan also noted that some projects that were included twice or multiple times in the 2024 proposed budget were projects from 2023 that are going to be carried over to the next year. However, Bonoan later revealed that there were also projects included in the budget that had doubled the allocated budget, which is an issue that he confessed is the reason the proposal is being redrafted at the time being. 

Flood and Climate Change Mitigation

One of DPWH’s goals for 2024 is to continue the construction of the approved projects proposed under the Build, Better, More program, which includes 194 high-impact priority infrastructure projects. According to Budget Secretary Amenah Pangandaman, the current administration wants to allot ₱215.643 B of DPWH’s proposed 2024 budget to provide funding for the country’s flood mitigation construction projects. Compared to the allocated budget for similar projects this year, they allocated almost ₱30 B worth of funds to accommodate more infrastructure projects under DPWH’s Flood Management Program. Budget Secretary Pangandaman also stated that apart from infrastructure for flood control, the 2024 proposed budget also includes funds necessary to achieve the current administration’s climate change goals. 


The Growth of Philippine Infrastructure 

Image from BusinessWorld Online

DPWH’s proposed 2024 budget was prepared to include the necessary funds to cover many infrastructure projects approved by the current administration. These projects include those that have long-term effects on the development of the country’s transportation, flood control, and efforts to alleviate the effects of climate change. The projects included in the Build, Better, More program are proposed with the overall improvement of the Filipino’s quality of life in mind. With proper and sufficient allocation of funds, the Philippine government will have a better chance of achieving its goals in the future. 



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