Hiring the right contractor is essential and makes a difference to the overall success of your project. Hiring a reputable contractor can efficiently meet the needs of your project. If you’re looking for contractors, or probably have plans in the future, here’s a guide to help you get the right people on board.


1. Know what exact services you require.

Before hiring a contractor, think of your project goals. A contractor typically oversees the stages of construction which include design, getting permits, making supply purchases, and ensuring compliance with building codes and zoning regulations. Spend time thinking if you need a contractor to handle all that and find one with the resources to offer that service.


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2. Run background checks.

A project as detailed and serious as your dream house requires being handled by good hands. Always ask for a company profile from the contractor, their government-issued ID, and their professional license(if any). To check for the legitimacy of the company, browse their registration number at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), and even at the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA). There’s also no harm in looking them up online for client feedback. What do other clients say? Are there a lot of happy reviews? Sometimes, reviews also contain insights into the company, its products, and staff. 


3. Collect, then select.

Gather at least three (3) estimates from different contractors before you make a final decision. For a clearer picture, you may get more quotes, about five or six, for you to get more perspective on your costing. When you get the estimates, make it a point to compare the inclusions and the pricing to determine whether the pricing may be free from additional and/or hidden charges. 


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4. Clarify your billing and payment arrangement.

The industry standard for the required down payment is 20-30% of the total project cost, with the rest of the payment provided after every milestone is achieved. This billing arrangement is called progress billing. In your contract, you need to completely stipulate the list of workers with their specializations, project timelines, the materials of choice, and agreed milestones of the project. If there would be any modifications in the project in the future, then it must be clearly discussed, and the contract should be amended accordingly. During the construction, it is best to physically inspect the project’s progress, the quality of material, and the workmanship before releasing payment.

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5. Do your due diligence.

A project like your dream home leaves no room for carelessness. It is always best to cross-check your contractor’s estimates with other construction professionals to ensure maximum security before closing a deal. Secure a comprehensive written contract before the work begins, set all expectations at the very beginning, inspect their previous projects if possible.


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Looking for the right contractor isn’t easy, but these 5 tips can at least increase your chances of bringing your dream to reality and minimize the risk of encountering undesirable contractors.



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