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Architectural Specializations for Aspiring Architects in the Philippines

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The world of architecture is a dynamic world filled with various specializations that go beyond building design. In the Philippines, there are multiple architectural specialties that aspiring architects can pursue to shape their careers in various fields. Various niches under architecture allow architects to hone the skills and expertise of their choice while contributing to the evolving landscape of the Philippine construction industry. In this article, we will highlight some of the best architectural specializations that aspiring architects can pursue in the Philippines. 


1. Landscape Architecture

Image from World Landscape Architecture


Landscape architecture is the study and practice of designing environmental (indoor and outdoor) structures that vary in scale. In landscape architecture, designers are more than just focused on technical planning. Rather, the practice encompasses art, architecture, engineering, the environment, and sociology. Landscape architecture is the practice of incorporating life in between buildings that are usually located in urban locations. 


Contrary to popular belief, landscape architecture is not limited to designing the layout of gardens or environmental sit designs in urban settings. Landscape architecture is also utilized in various projects like cemeteries, memorials, museums, and even universities. 


2. Urban Planning 

Image from Wikipedia


Also known as city planning, town planning, or rural planning, urban planning is the political and environmental design of land use and the infrastructure that passes through the area. With urban planning, many factors are considered in the design, more than the spatial planning and location of major infrastructure in the area. The economic functions and the social impacts of the design are also considered in urban planning. Open, unused, or agricultural land called “greenfields” can be used to be developed into an inhabited area with urban planning. Existing cities can also be redesigned and areas can be repurposed with urban planning. 


3. Sustainable Architecture (Green Architecture)

Image from RMJM


Sustainable architecture, also known as green architecture, is the practice of maintaining a low environmental impact on infrastructure construction and design. Sustainable materials, renewable energy, and green practices like sustainable transportation are all part of sustainable architecture. Sustainable architecture aims to create both residential and commercial spaces that are not harmful to the environment, and many designs incorporate earth-friendly practices that may be beneficial to the environment. 


4. Architectural Project Management

Image from freepik 


Architectural project management is another specialization that aspiring architects can pursue in the Philippines. Architects are responsible for project design and construction and are essential collaborators in any successful infrastructure project. Architects who take on the role of project managers will oversee the entire process of the project, from drafting initial plans until the project completion. Aspiring architects who have a knack for management and monitoring and tracking the financial status of a project can pursue architectural project management. 


5. Interior Architecture & Space Planning

Image from Hamstech 


Interior architecture is often confused with interior design, but interior architecture and spatial planning are the initial planning processes that come before interior design. With interior architecture, the science of spatial planning is applied in order to create an appealing, functional, and safe interior space for the residents of the structure. In interior architecture, technical and creative elements are incorporated into the design. 


Unique Paths Of Architecture

Architecture is a diverse and wide-encompassing field that goes far beyond building design. Sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, project management, and even spatial planning and interior architecture are all niches that aspiring architects can pursue to achieve their dream careers. Exploring the various subdisciplines of architecture expands the Philippine’s field of architecture and many aspiring Filipino architects can discover the exciting future that each discipline holds. 



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