Concrete is a cornerstone material for any construction project, whether it’s the pavements around you, the offices, or the fancy skyscrapers! It doesn’t take a particular professional to tell you that! 

While concrete is a relatively common, easily managed, and everyday substance, if it is not done correctly, it can cause severe problems. Proper concreting guarantees that projects are not only durable but also have the needed strength.

A few frequent concrete difficulties can be caused by improper methods and maintenance, as well as particular weather conditions, and can damage the aesthetics and durability of the structure. Fortunately, the majority of these typical concrete issues have remedies.

In this webinar, Engr. Grace Amarles, Technical Services Officer of Holcim Philippines, Inc., discussed common concrete problems that one might encounter and proper ways to troubleshoot or prevent them.

Skip to the timestamps below for specific topics!


Freshly mixed Concrete Common Problems
02:57 – Delayed/Accelerated Setting Time
06:19 – Rapid Slump Loss
10:20 – Bleeding/Segregation
14:53 – High Concrete Temperature
18:04 – Cement/Admixture Incompatibility
19:46 – Diagnosing Incompatibility Using Simple “Calorimetry”

Hardened Concrete Common Problems
20:56 – Dusting
25:45 – Scaling
28:25 – Blisters
30:13 – Delamination
32:13 – Bug Holes & Honeycombs
36:26 – Plastic Shrinkage Cracks
42:47 – Crazing
46:10 – Cracks due to Improper Jointing
50:24 – Cracks caused by Poor Subgrade Support
50:24 – Low Concrete Strength
50:24 – Cracks caused by Poor Subgrade Support
59:50 – Q&A Session


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