Let’s talk about the exterior this time!


Photo Courtesy: Pinoy House Plans

Nowadays, we are so much in love with modern house designs for their clean lines, straightforward appearance, and their sleekness. They are for almost everyone; for those who love the warmth of wood, or the vibes of industrial materials, you’ve got lots of inspiration from these modern façades.


Pick your favorite!

Here, we share a selection of sleek modern house designs that might interest you to have a modern-looking home.


1. Small modern industrial home design.

This small modern house design is perfect for a small family that wants a break from the complex life in the city. It has a touch of raw and bare finish and clean, modern finishes with an industrial design approach. Imagine how warm yet cozy this house could be!

Front View Pabellar + Bayang ARKHITEKTON Architectural Design Studio Industrial style houses

Front View by Pabellar + Bayang ARKHITEKTON Architectural Design Studio


2. Modern Scandinavian-inspired house design.

This may well be a minimalist’s dream come true! Who wouldn’t be in love with this clean and sleek house design with the mainly white, grey, black, and wood Scandinavian theme? The straight yet angled edge at the front façade is very prominent and adds personality to the exterior. Plus, look at those large windows that let in natural light and air from almost anywhere in the house!

Exterior perspective intent during design phase JAAL Builders Single family home

Exterior perspective intent during the design phase by JAAL Builders


3. Modern bungalow house.

If you are looking for a modern bungalow house design, this one’s for you. It has a subtle and simple touch on the outside. It has an open garage and a small porch protected with four sleek vertical lines which added more accent to the house. Its flat roof is also very modern looking with the white paint contrasted with the gray wall cladding.


Photo Courtesy: Pinoy House Plans


4. Petite modern house design.

Next is this petite house design with a four-step elevation that creates a proportional height against its width. What is so modern about this design is the straight lines on the right side making it cozier.


Photo Courtesy: Pinoy House Plans


5. Elevated feature.

This modern house design is a perfect match for the average size family that may accommodate three (3) bedrooms. This house style also has the elevated feature that will somehow avoid floodwaters. Its large windows are also prominent, allowing the natural light to come in. It also has a warm mood because of its wood-like tones and palette.


Photo Courtesy: Cool House Concept


Have you picked your favorite? Share it with us!

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