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PCAB License: Applying for a License in 2022

The Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) ensures that a government body approves all construction activities through the PCAB License.  Contractors – no matter how big or

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4 Sustainable Wall Finishes for Your Homes

Over the last few years, the number of sustainable construction design materials has soared. Construction professionals seek sustainability in all areas of design, from construction

Holcim Solido

Build better infrastructures with Holcim Solido – designed to be the next generation of cement. The Solido Performance Holcim Solido is a high-performance blended cement

Holcim Dry Mix

Holcim Tile Adhesive Holcim Tile Adhesives are high performance, polymer-enriched mortars formulated to have superior adhesion and high resistance to slips. They are ideal for

Holcim Excel

Build with Holcim Excel Build with Holcim Excel for durable and long lasting residential structures. Residential Homes Low-rise Buildings THE PERFORMANCE OF EXCEL   Holcim

How Do Crowd Size Estimates Work?

As crowds converge in political rallies this election season, it is crucial to understand how measuring crowd sizes works beyond counting attendees. Photo Courtesy: Leni